Thursday’s Ghost

Thursday’s Ghost is an inspiring children’s story for nine to ninety year olds.  Set not so very long ago, it is a timeless tale of modern children visiting their grandparents’ strange old house and discovering a host of fantastic creatures.  There are Bed Crumb Monsters, Oinks, Glubbies, Weed Patch watchers, Blind Attic Worms, Bitefasts, and Rattsists.  The children share adventures, facing good and evil, before meeting Thursday’s Ghost.


Susan and Robert are going to stay with their weird grandparents who live in a strange old house in the middle of Clarence Road.

As mum and dad drive off for their second honeymoon, the gate shuts itself behind the children.  From the tangled mass of weeds and the shadows of the house, hundreds of eyes watch them.

Discover the Bed Crumb Monsters, Oinks, Glubbies, Weed Patch Watchers, Blind Attic Worms, Bitefasts and many more fantastic creatures.  Some of them are good.  Some are not so good.  And some are evil. Then there is Thursday’s Ghost.

Share Susan and Robert’s amazing adventures, from delight to danger, as they meet the secretive creatures of the house.

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