Joe Wilson Serial Killer

Joe Wilson Serial Killer is a violent novel set mainly in 1980’s and 90’s Newcastle.  It is a brutally honest account of one man’s motivation and actions in killing people.  From his first murder as a child to torturing and killing for excitement and money, Joe begins to use death in his search for peace and contentment.



I’m like a cat playing with mice and all the mice somehow see me as another mouse.  It’s so unfair, it’s not true.  If I had any sort of conscience I would stop, but of course I don’t.

Welcome to the sociopathic mind of Joe Wilson, serial killer.

“Tell you what, I won’t put your fucking eye out this time,” I said, as I burned him with the cigarette high on his cheek.  “You can remember me by this, and if you want to come and find me, my name’s Wilson: Joe Wilson.”

Of course my name wasn’t Wilson, Joe or otherwise.  Joe Wilsons was a bar on Newbridge Street between Shields Road and Town.  It was a name I was using.  You could use any name at any time.

From football violence with the old Longbenton Clockwork and EMB lads, to West End protection rackets and out of town gangland murders, Joe Wilson made something of a name for himself.  But what he wanted went much deeper.

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