God’s Bastard

God’s Bastard is an original vampire story that sets evil against good.  After a thousand years, hidden in the heart of power, the Prince returns to Coldlaw Hall in Northumberland to be reborn.  Uncompromising evil is supported by powerful elites with inverted aims.  Good is ordinary people trying to do the right thing with some hope that they might be supported by a higher purpose.


God’s Bastard sets good against evil in M S Rafferty’s Terrifying debut horror novel.

After a thousand years hidden at the heart of power, from Genghis Khan to Hitler, the Prince returns to a remote Northumberland hunting lodge.  He must be reborn to bring about the new world order and the coming of the Beast.

Powerful institution, and undead Victorian elite and a serial killer, who will supply blood, gather to support evil.  The separately adopted twins of a cynical priest, who raped his daughter, are drawn towards the Prince.

They must try and stop the recurring evil or be killed themselves.

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