In 1966, I was born into an alcohol and potato influenced Irish-Polish-Northumbrian family.

Unemployed during the eighties, I wrote: It’s Murder, a collection of short stories; Thursday’s Ghost, a children’s story; and The Toytown Riots, a collection of X rated children’s stories for adults.

After graduating in the nineties, I rewrote The Toytown Riots and thought about writing a horror novel.

In the early noughties, I qualified as a teacher, bought a house, split up with my girlfriend, sold the house, and wrote The Bus – an alcohol fuelled, semi-autobiographical, comic disaster novel.

After quitting my job as a special needs teacher in 2010, I moved to rural Northumberland where I rewrote everything and completed God’s Bastard, a horror novel.

Since then, I have returned to teaching, and have written: Greencroft Zombies, a teen horror novel; and Joe Wilson Serial KIller, a slightly autobiographical account of a mass murderer.

After all that time writing, but not bothering much about agents or publishers, I decided to self-publish on Kindle.

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I enjoy walking in the Cheviot Hills to earn a pint or two, cooking for friends and family, completing cryptic crosswords with a cup of tea, and thinking about this and that with a bottle of red wine.